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Beiing Spiritual – Purpose of Beiing Spiritual

“The spiritual journey is the unlearning of fear and the acceptance of love”
- Marianne Williamson

We meet or do not meet is incidental and is again permutation and combination of your will power and destiny.

As a child I always used to observe the hands and the lines on the palms of my teachers while teaching. I always used to wonder those lined have any meaning to it or do they talk? Coming from the forefathers teaching occult science the thirst for gaining knowledge increased.

With my inclination in occult sciences, I used to suggest people where they need to change the action plan, and they used to benefit. It boosted my confidence and gradually by word of mouth, people approached me from across the globe.
This inspired me to launch “Beiing Spiritual” to enlighten their path. I am grateful to have to all of my believers to have invested their trust in me and made this journey of Beiing Spiritual possible.

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